Voice Acting

Occasionally, the SuperTuxKart developers or independent artists need help with voice acting for the game. Usually this is for things like Nolok's voice in the introductory cutscenes, but Gran Paradiso Island also features an airport announcer, which, if you listen closely, is a small satirical easter egg.

Naturally, we won't need voice acting all the time, but feel free to check the forum for any voice acting requests. If you fit the requirements below, voice acting is an easy and fun way to help the project.


  • Hardware: Generally you will need a decent microphone to record. Phone and tablet microphones are usually of low quality and probably won't be good enough. Laptop microphones are also usually quite bad, especially on lower-end machines. You don't need equipment that costs thousands of dollars, however. Most headsets that include a microphone will be high-enough quality.
  • Software: You will need software capable of recording audio, such as Audacity.
  • Language ability: You will need to be able to fluently read/recite the given script, which will usually be in English. SuperTuxKart's localization (l10n) system does not currently support localized audio.
  • Speaking ability: Depending on the requirements of the person needing voice acting, it may be necessary to imitate special accents. This adds to the complexity of speaking for non-native speakers, unfortunately.

General Information

  • Please follow all special requests made by the original poster.
  • You must license your recordings under free licenses as specified on the Licensing page.
  • You do not need to post-process or adjust the recordings yourself. In fact, it is a much better idea to post the raw recordings and gather feedback first before making any adjustments. If you don't know how to adjust/add effects to the recording, it's OK, there are lots of people who can help on the forums.
  • Please use a lossless audio compression like FLAC or no compression at all (WAV). Every time a file is compressed with a lossy codec like Vorbis or MP3, it loses quality.