..:: Meet the team behind the game ::..

    Marianne Gagnon (aka Auria): Main Developer

    Marianne Gagnon (aka Auria): Main Developer

    I joined the SuperTuxKart team a few years ago, originally to help with the graphics. I quickly started doing programming on the game’s core, especially the GUI and the various blender plugins. My little experience in blender allows me to sometime help with artwork and track making.

    Jean-Manuel Clemençon (aka samuncle): Lead Artist

    I’m the lead artist of SuperTuxKart. When I installed for the first time Linux in 2009, while searching for games available on Linux, one of the most popular game was SuperTuxKart. I started to mod maps for fun and eventually I made my first map, Hacienda. After more than 7 years working for SuperTuxKart, I created some of the most complex and challenging tracks like Cocoa Temple or Antediluvian Abyss. My last project was to create an haunted mansion to showcase our android version and designing our new website.

    Jean-Manuel Clemençon (aka samuncle): Lead Artist

    Typhon306: Artist

    Typhon306: Artist

    I started playing SuperTuxKart release 0.7. A few releases later, I came across a very helpful tutorial series by LinuxGuides about creating STK tracks using Blender, and that was the point where I started my first projects for STK, most of which are now avaible on STK Add-ons website. My modeling skills improved gradually over the years, and one of my latest projects entitled “Ancient Colosseum Labyrinth” was included as an official arena in the 1.3 release of STK.

    Additional Developers

    • Stephen Just: Network & Addon website
    • Daniel Butum: Network & Addon website
    • Benau: Network & Font rendering & Battle AI
    • Dawid Gan: Android port & General improvements & many many bugfixes
    • Marc Coll: Grand Prix editor
    • Flakebi
    • Konstin
    • math07
    • Elderme: Work on graphical engine
    • QwertyChouskie
    • Dumaosen
    • Mrxx99
    • Riso
    • Richard Qian (Worldblender): 2.8x blender exporter

    Google Summer of Code Students

    • Robin Nicollet
    • Glenn de Jonghe
    • Lauri Kasanen
    • Daniel Butum
    • Bart Cools
    • Csaba Molnar
    • Sachith Seneviratne
    • Akshay Singhvi

    Bug Fixes & Misc. Contributions

    • Divya Kukar (divvy81)
    • Fabien Sanglard
    • Damien
    • David: Work on flying items
    • Stephen Dunn: Work on audio
    • Patrick Ammann
    • Ward Muylaert
    • Pelya
    • Luffah
    • Ben Krajancic

    Visual Art


    • Sven Andreas Belting: Black Forest
    • Mac_DMH: Minigolf
    • Rubberduck: STK Enterprise
    • Ponzino: Volcan Island
    • Canis Lupus: Northern Resort & Scotland
    • Ivar ten Cate (Varivar): Original Old Mine & Snow Peaks Improvements
    • MacIO: Cave X
    • Steve and Oliver Baker: Original Oliver’s Math Class
    • Typhon306: Ancient Colosseum Labyrinth, updated Battle Island & Cave X


    • JunglePenguin: Xue
    • Minibjorn: Puffy
    • Cheleb: Nolok, Pidgin
    • Néd J. Édoire: Wilber, Hexley, Beastie
    • Typhon306 and ZAQraven99: Kiki
    • Cédric Archambault: Suzanne
    • Julian Schönbächler: Tux, Amanda and Gavroche
    • Kinsu: Emule
    • ZAQraven99: GNU, Pepper, Sara, Adiumy, Konqi, Godette


    • GeekPenguinBR, TuxKartDriver: Models from Las Dunas Stadium

    Icons and misc

    • Anthony Carré (yeKcim)
    • Néd J. Édoire
    • betharatux1
    • Thomas Oppl: New banana model and Winter sky cube

    GUI Icons and Other Art

    • LCP: Cartoon skin
    • onyum.com, commissioned by OpenGameArt.org/Bart Kelsey
    • Andreas Bilng, Enrico Billing & Dakal
    • The Tango icon project & the Gnome icon set
    • Dakal: textures
    • Andy (Needer)
    • Paul Elms (scifly)
    • Elisee: Checker background
    • Mariam Lamrani (may-panda): Wallpaper and poster
    • Thomas Fournet (Totoplus62): Trailer and icons

    Photographs & Textures

    • Frank Vincentz, Pascalou Petit & KENPEI’s photo
    • Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez & Wilfredo R Rodriguez H
    • Krzysztof P. Jasiutowiczs, Ben Clough & Found5dollar
    • Benjamint444 & Christoph Egger
    • The Celestia project, NASA & Moser Juan José
    • Gregory Schick & Julius Krischan Makowka
    • BurningWell: Public domain photos
    • https://www.publicdomainpictures.net
    • http://pdphoto.org
    • Wikimedia Commons
    • Extreme Tux Racer
    • The Glest Jungle Set (http://www.titusgames.de)

    Audio & Music


    • Chris Leutwyler (Krobonil)
    • Max Freeman (OzoneOne)
    • Claude Werner (Bollen)
    • DJ Helium: Secret Garden & Valley
    • Magne Djupvik: Penguin Party
    • Dundersylt: Fanfares (track intro, final lap & race end) & results screen
    • Keith Bayliss (Vim): Boom Boom Boom
    • Weirwood: Kart Grand Prix
    • Speedsound: Sky Vibe - High Frequency
    • Kalsan: Lava
    • GeekPenguinBR and Heuchi1: Jumping to the Stars
    • Heuchi1: Alien Signal

    Voice acting

    • Viktor Aurelius: Nolok

    Sound effects

    • Mike Koening & soundbible.com
    • Battle for Wesnoth
    • Iwan Gabovitch (qubodup)
    • The Trigger-Rally project
    • pdsounds.org


    Current Website

    • Jean-Manuel Clémençon (samuncle): Design
    • Konstin: Coding

    Former Websites

    • Tom Jenkins: Skin and layout
    • Remy le Guen (Vivelefrat)
    • Sebastian Rode


    • Dawid Gan: Linux Static packages

    Software used by SuperTuxKart

    Former Contributers (No longer active)

    • Joerg Henrichs (hiker): Former Admin
    • Eduardo Hernandez Munoz (Coz): Former Admin
    • Constantin Pelikan (conso): Former Admin
    • Sam Clarke: Windows installer
    • Hans Dzaack (the farmer): Physics tuning
    • Maik Semder (Ikework): Bug fixes
    • Vincent Lejeune (vlj): 3D engine
    • Xapantu: Addons website
    • Lionel Fuentes (Funto): Soccer mode & other contributions
    • Mohammad Al-Ghannam (Yasin): Soccer mode
    • Johannesr1: Bubblegum shield
    • Glenn De Jonghe (Unitraxx): Grand Prix progress saving
    • MCMic: reverse mode
    • Yann Leprince (sciyann)
    • Xenux: Addons filtering
    • jmimu
    • Paul Elms (scifly)
    • Robert Schuster
    • Magne Djupvik
    • KroArtem

    Linux Games Tome "Game of the Month" Contributers (No longer active)

    • Craig Keogh
    • Ingo Ruhnke
    • Jacob Persson
    • James Gregory
    • Pascal Giard
    • Matthias Braun
    • Oliver Jeeves
    • Paul Carley
    • Ricardo Cruz
    • Caleb Sawtell
    • Willian Padovani Germano
    • James Gregory

    Original "TuxKart"