Making Library Nodes: Properties and Modeling

    This page won’t go into detail about modeling—any Blender tutorial can help with that. See here for a list of good tutorials.



    Use whatever methods you need to model your objects. However, it helps to understand the scaling of objects a bit—for more information, see the 3D Model Guidelines page, which you should have already read. If you are using level of detail, you may want to skip ahead to the Level of Detail page and then come back to this page.


    In Blender, you must first check the box Is a SuperTuxKart library node in the SuperTuxKart Scene Properties panel.

    Set Code (folder name) to the library node’s ID. (You should have decided on one after reading Notes).

    Object Properties

    You should have at least one main object that will be visible in Blender when someone links to your library node.

    • If you made a library node with only a single object, that will be your main object. Simply set the object to type Object in the SuperTuxKart Object Properties panel.
    • If you are using Level of Detail, your LOD Instance will be the main object.
    • Do not use the None object type; this is only for tracks, arenas, and cutscenes.
    • You can use the Ignore type to make prevent the object from being exported.