This article details the way things are in the SuperTuxKart Universe (known as the Mascot Kingdom). It is important to make sure that your artwork fits into this universe—if it doesn’t, it will not become part of SuperTuxKart, though it is still welcome on the Add-Ons Website.

    However, SuperTuxKart is NOT an RPG. SuperTuxKart has narrative, not plot. (Well, there’s the cutscenes in Story Mode, but that’s all.) Each track, arena, or kart has a sort-of background, but that does not really appear prominently in the game. It’s analogous to a picture and a video: things in SuperTuxKart are like pictures—there’s no plot, but you can still see what’s happening. An RPG is more like a video—things change, and there’s a plot.

    Note that this article does not describe restrictions on specific elements of artwork. Instead, it describes characters, places, and other entities which make the Mascot Kingdom come to life. For restrictions on specific types of artwork, see their corresponding links in the Community Page.


    Introduction to the Universe

    The Mascot Kingdom is very similar to our own universe. Plants, animals, weather, etc. are all similar to Earth, except for certain exceptions such as the XR591 track, which is located on the SuperTuxKart equivalent of Mars, and STK Enterprise, which is located in a spaceship.

    Similarity to Earth, however, should not be taken to mean “mirror Earth as closely as possible.” Instead, use real elements from Earth and use them as inspiration to interpret how they would appear in the Mascot Kingdom. If you find this difficult to understand, don’t worry. As you read this article, you will see numerous examples of how this takes place.

    The Mood

    SuperTuxKart is a lighthearted game, and thus any artwork should be generally cheerful and friendly. It’s important to keep in mind that SuperTuxKart’s intended audience is children. Children often don’t notice satire, so you cannot rely on satire to lighten gloomy artwork.

    Tracks and karts can be spooky-themed, however. Fort Magma is an excellent example of this. However, note that it includes both light areas (like the hall directly behind the start line) and dark areas (the rest of the track). The track is also unrealistic and caricatural enough to not appear grim, and open areas prevent it from feeling oppressive.


    Places are fictional locations which affect the style of artwork. Many of these are heavily influenced by real-world places, but you will see that they are not exactly the same. They are interpretations of real-world places. They are also not equivalent to a track, because a track takes place in a fictional location, and is yet another interpretation of that location.


    These are countries, continents, or just general areas that are in the STK universe. In most cases, choosing one of these is not sufficient for inspiration for artwork. However, choosing a region may be precise enough for a themed kart. For example, Suzanne, a monkey, could have a kart themed after Val Verde, in addition to the Blender Project which she represents. (Currently she does not.)

    Keep in mind that these are interpretations of real-world locations. (Many are, to put it bluntly, stereotypes of their corresponding real-world countries).)

    • Icyland: similar to real-world Antarctica
    • Val Verde: A country in a jungle similar to the Amazon
    • United Countries of Amarigo (UCA): A large and diverse entity like the European Union, only for the fictionalized North America
    • Europa: A continent very much like Europe
    • Nekhen: A dry, desert country much like Egypt
    • Asienti: A continent very much like Asia
    • Alantropic Ocean: A large ocean
    • XR591: A planet similar to Mars, but with aliens and pools of noxious chemicals
    • (Name still needed): A planet very similar to Venus, filled with volcanoes and magma. This is where Nolok lives.

    Specific Locations

    These are places in which tracks can exist. There might be more than one of these specific locations in a region. When a track is created, it is an interpretation of a location. Because each track is an interpretation, multiple tracks can exist in the same location, yet not seem redundant. For example, Minigolf and Las Dunas Stadium both take place in Las Dunas, but are not redundant.

    • Jerico Natural Park: Remote forest in the United Countries of America
    • Tushka: A small tundra village in northern Europa.
      • Example Track: Northern Resort
    • Alpalaya: A high mountain chain
    • Alantropic Ocean Floor: The bottom of the Alantropic Ocean
      • Example Track: Antediluvian Abyss
    • Danton’s Basin: An oil rig in the northern Alantropic Ocean
    • New Whitburn: A coast area along the Northern Alantropic Ocean in the UCA with spruce and pine trees
      • Example Track: Lighthouse
    • Las Dunas: A large city much like real-world Las Vegas. It is located in a desert in the UCA.
      • Example Tracks: Minigolf, Las Dunas Stadium (Add-On)
    • (Name still needed): A ranch in the plains of the UCA
      • Example Track: Bovine Barnyard
    • Las Paredes/Alma Perdida/St. Margarita Village: A village in the desert of southern UCA, similar to Mexico.
      • Example Track: Hacienda
    • (Name still needed): A lush yet non-tropical valley in Europa, part of the Alpalaya mountain chain. Also the location of the village of Berglidorf and Princess Sara’s Palace
      • Example Track: Green Valley
    • Malampoor: A warm and highly populated southeastern Asientian city-state
    • Malao: A modern metropolis in southwestern Asienti, analogous to real-world Dubai
      • Example Track: Shiny Suburbs (?)
    • Shakura: An island country like Japan
      • Example Track: Zen Garden
    • Dizzy World Amusement Park: An steampunk-style amusement park above the clouds
    • Princess Sara Transcontinental Airport: An international airport located in the Gran Paradiso Islands

    Cast of Characters

    SuperTuxKart is not an RPG. However, it does have some elements of a story as an incentive to try all the tracks. If you are not familiar with the story (though you should be, if you have played Story Mode), the Discover page contains a brief rundown of the story and characters.

    These characters are to be used sparingly. Outside of Story Mode, they have little use, but under certain circumstances they could be useful. Some characters listed below have examples of possible uses.

    Major Characters

    These characters take an active role in Story Mode and are essential to the game’s storyline.

    • Tux: Tux is a penguin and the mascot of the Linux Kernel. He usually resides in Icyland, but when his friend Gnu is captured by Nolok in Story Mode, he is ready to rescue him.

    • Gnu: A gnu (wildebeest) who represents the GNU project. He is very wise and is usually meditating at a monastery deep in Asienti.

    • Nolok: A fireproof rhinoceros whose home, Fort Magma, is on Venus. As the antagonist, he causes all sorts of trouble for the peaceful inhabitants of the Mascot Kingdom, including kidnapping Gnu in Story Mode.

    Minor Characters

    These characters are generally on the “good” side, but have no specified role in Story Mode, besides being kart options.

    • Sara: An elf. She is the empress of the Mascot Kingdom, as well as the mascot of OpenGameArt. Her palace is probably located in the same valley as the Green Valley track.
    • Suzanne: A monkey who is the mascot of Blender. She, along with her many relatives, live in the jungles of Val Verde.
      • Example Use: Along the road in Cocoa Temple
    • Xue: A farmer mouse from the plains of the UCA. She is the mascot of Xfce.
    • Pif: A puffin and a friend of Tux. He follows Tux around to help where needed.

    Other characters also exist. However, no background for them has as of yet been created.


    These organizations and companies should be used to brand objects in your artwork. For example, a laptop should have the Wegacom or Myrtille logo on it.

    Name Description Logo
    Wegacom Corporation A computer and smartphone manufacturer STK0.9_3
    Myrtille A high tech smartphone/tablet/notebook manufacturer

    A telecommunication & networking company

    Heavy Industry
    Mandarava Motors Automobile manufacturer


    Nolok Industries Company of Nolok, the bad guy, producing mechanical parts and explosives
    Canyon Junction Railway Corporation Railroad freight company


    TCP (Trans Continental Post) Global courier delivery services company


    OCA (Oceanic Airlines) A low cost airline carrier known for their poor attention to safety (primarily after the mysterious crash of flight 404)


    RCA (Royal Cupcake Airways) The flagship airline of the Mascot Kingdom


    Harvey & Weylyn

    A shipyard


    Sara Space Agency Organization The Kingdom space program


    Food and drink
    Sunshine Cola Soda and sweet juices


    Big Farmer Co A farming Co-Operative
    Stella Company A hot beverage/coffee house chain
    Tuxel A multinational who is the official fuel distributor for kart racing Oil and Energies
    Nolok Industries The company of the bad guy (Nolok)
    OPAC A conglomerate which produces every product imaginable
    WXTB-TV A TV station located in Las Dunas
    Dizzy World A steampunk amusement park that flies above the clouds
    Caldeira Fashion and clothes


    Lampone Haute Couture


    Other Notes About Style

    • The official unit of measurement is metric. All measurements on signs, etc. should be in metric.