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About Joerg Henrichs

I am the current project leader of STK. After installing Suse Linux on a new computer a few years back I discovered TuxKart when looking at the games included - though I wasn't too impressed by the graphics. When I discovered that a 'Game of the Month' team is working on improving the game, I was quite interested, but further googling showed that the project ground to a halt without a release because of endless discussions and blaming for performance problems etc. Due to my professional interest in performance optimisations (see below) I had a look at the code and discovered that the performance problem was rather easy to solve, but that too many bugs made the game unplayable. I had some ideas about a 'kind of' racing game, and thought that STK might be a good base to start with ... if only the bugs were fixed, the physics improved, network multiplayer included ... I started on working on all of this, got other people on board, and we were finally able to make a first release of SuperTuxKart. By now (5 major releases later) the bugs are fixed (I am not saying that we didn't introduce new ones ;) ), the physics are better, network multiplayer will be coming - but in my opinion it is still a long way before STK becomes a good game. I currently consider STK a game with a lot of potential - but I'll do my best to get it to being good. Embarrassingly I have to admit that even two years into developing STK I had never played Mario Kart or any other similar game, but after too many people and reviews mentioning that STK is 'like Mario Kart' I downloaded Mario Kart 64 on the Virtual Console of the Nintendo Wii, and then bought Mario Kart Wii.

Professionally: I live in Melbourne, Australia, and work for Oracle as an Application Specialist for the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. Previously I worked as a Benchmarker and Senior Applications Analyst for the High Perfomance Computing Systems Division of NEC. If you don't know what a benchmarker does: I optimised codes of (current and potential) customers to run as fast as possible on the NEC vector architecture. And since I am always interested in the performance of scalar CPUs, I thought that fixing the performance problems of STK would be a good way of giving something back to the Open Source community.

Personally: After graduating in Computer Science in Germany I came to Australia more than 11 years ago (why? It's a nice country to live in ... give it a try), and am triple-married (once in Australia, once in Taiwan, once in Germany) to Tzu-Yang, aka Yoko, an artist from Taiwan. Four years ago we had our first child Lia Helene, so spare time is rare for me. I mostly work on STK on my way to and from work - with a laptop during my approx 45 minute train ride. At home I try to have as much time as possible for my family, so I usually don't have any time for STK, and while I try to answer all emails and posts asap, now and again it just happens that it takes a day or two - esp. on the weekends. Luckily the other members of the team help a lot!

When I am not working on STK, I am managing one of the largest online boardgame data bases (luding.org), read a lot of Sci-Fi and crime stories, try to find time to actually play some board games and learn golf. At the moment Yoko and I have given up on finding time to dance Argentine Tango :)

Joerg (aka hiker)