Translating STK

This article will explain how to translate STK into another language.

The directory where you need to go is /data/po. There you will see a file named supertuxkart.pot and a script called The .pot file contains all translatable strings of STK. The script can be run from the base directory to update the .pot file, but you generally do not need to do that since the STK developers will do it for you.

Creating a new translation

  • Open poEdit and use menu File > New catalog from POT file.


  • Select supertuxkart.pot.


  • Enter the appropriate information in the dialog that pops-up (ignore fields you do not understand or that do not make sense for this project. Only the first tab needs to be completed)


  • Make sure poEdit is configured to compile .mo files on saving (check in preferences)

File:Poedit prefs.png

  • Then simply select the strings in the list and enter a translation.
  • When you're done, save and a .mo file will be generated

Updating an existing translation