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{{ArticleMainTitle|content=..:: Meet the team behind the game ::..}}
{{ArticleMainTitle|content=..:: Meet the team behind the game ::..}}

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..:: Meet the team behind the game ::..

Joerg Henrichs (aka Hiker) Project Leader

I am the current project leader of SuperTuxKart. I discovered TuxKart around 2006 after installing Suse Linux a while ago. After some search, a 'Game of the Month' team was working on improving the game, however the project was grounded due to performances issues. I picked the project and started to work on it.

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Marianne Gagnon (aka Auria) Main Developer

Auria icon.png

I joined the SuperTuxKart team a few years ago, originally to help with the graphics. I quickly started doing programming on the game's core, especially the GUI and the various blender plugins. My little experience in blender allows me to sometime help with artwork and track making.

Jean-Manuel Clemençon (aka Samuncle) Lead Artist

I'm the lead artist of SuperTuxKart. When I installed for the first time Linux in 2009, while searching for games available on Linux, one of the most popular game was SuperTuxKart. I started to mod maps for fun and eventually I made my first map, Hacienda. After more than 5 years working for SuperTuxKart, I created some of the most complex and challenging tracks like Cocoa Temple or Antediluvian Abyss. My last project was to create a stadium to showcase your new battle mode and designing our new website.

Sam icon.png

Additional Developers

  • Magne Djupvik (Testing and bug report)
  • Stephen Just (Network and Addon website)
  • Daniel Butum (Network and Addon website)
  • Benau (font rendering, battle AI)
  • Dawid Gan (general improvements and many many bugfixes)
  • Marc Coll (Grand Prix editor)
  • Flakebi
  • Konstin
  • math07
  • Elderme (Work on graphical engine)

Google Summer of Code Students

  • Robin Nicollet
  • Glenn de Jonghe
  • Lauri Kasanen
  • Daniel Butum
  • Bart Cools
  • Csaba Molnar
  • Sachith Seneviratne
  • Akshay Singhvi

Bug Fixes & Misc. Contributions

  • Divya Kukar (divvy81)
  • Fabien Sanglard
  • Damien
  • David (Work on flying items)
  • Stephen Dunn (Work on audio)
  • Patrick Ammann
  • Ward Muylaert

Visual Art

  • Wolfs : Green Valley
  • Mac_DMH : Minigolf
  • Rubberduck : STK Enterprise
  • Thomas Oppl : Shiny Suburbs
  • Rudy85 : Subsea
  • Canis Lupus : Northern Resort & Scotland
  • Ivar ten Cate (Varivar) : Original 'Old Mine' &'Snow Peaks' Improvements
  • MacIO : Cave X
  • Johannes Sjolund : The Island
  • Wayne Dennis : Improvements to 'The Island'
  • Steve and Oliver Baker : Oliver's Math Class
  • JunglePenguin : Xue
  • Minibjorn : Puffy
  • Cheleb : Nolok, Pidgin
  • Tob : Wilber, elePHPant
  • Cédric Archambault : Suzanne
  • Julian Schönbächler : Amanda and Gavroche
  • Kinsu : Emule
  • Micket and Lionel Fuentes (Funto) : Beastie
  • Benjamin Arnaudet : GNU
  • GeekPenguinBR & TuxKartDriver : Various library objects
  • abejones : Adiumy
  • Christian Framing : work on Konqi (EvilTux)
  • Frederico de Oliveira Linhares : Hexley character
  • Conso : work on Wilber
  • Vincent Lejeune (vlj) : Xue and adiummy animations from 0.8.2
  • Minibjorn Powerups and baddies (models + icons)
  • Rudy85 (Character animations)
  • Icons
  • Anthony Carré (yeKcim)
  • betharatux1
  • Thomas Oppl (New banana model and Winter sky cube)

GUI Icons and Other Art

  • onyum.com, commissioned by OpenGameArt.org/Bart Kelsey
  • Andreas Bilng, Enrico Billing, Dakal
  • The Tango icon project, the Gnome icon set
  • Dakal : textures
  • Andy (Needer)
  • Paul Elms (scifly)
  • Elisee : Checker background
  • Mariam Lamrani (may-panda): wallpaper and poster
  • Thomas Fournet (Totoplus62): Trailer and icons

Photographs & Textures

  • Frank Vincentz, Pascalou Petit, KENPEI's photo
  • Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez, Wilfredo R Rodriguez H
  • Krzysztof P. Jasiutowiczs, Ben Clough, Found5dollar
  • Benjamint444, Christoph Egger
  • The Celestia project, NASA, Moser Juan José
  • Gregory Schick, Julius Krischan Makowka
  • BurningWell : public domain photos
  • http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/
  • http://pdphoto.org/
  • Wikimedia Commons
  • Extreme Tux Racer
  • The Glest Jungle Set (http://www.titusgames.de)

Audio & Music


  • 0zone0ne
  • Krobonil
  • Claude Werner (Bollen)
  • DJ Helium : 'Secret Garden' and 'Greenvalley'
  • The Dead Rocks
  • Magne Djupvik : 'Penguin Party'
  • Dundersylt : last lap, race start songs
  • Matt Thomas : 'Boom-boom-boom song'
  • Weirwood : 'Kart grand prix'
  • Speedsound : 'Sky Vibe Hi Frequency'
  • Kalsan : 'Lava'
  • GeekPenguinBR : 'Jumping to the stars'

Voice acting

  • Viktor Aurelius: Nolok

Sound effects

  • Mike Koening and soundbible.com
  • Battle For Wesnoth
  • Iwan 'qubodup' Gabovitch
  • The Trigger-Rally project
  • pdsounds.org


Former Websites

  • Tom Jenkins : skin and layout
  • Remy le Guen (Vivelefrat)
  • Sebastian Rode

Current Website

  • Jean-Manuel Clémençon (design)
  • Konstin (coding)


  • Auria: MacOS package
  • hiker: Windows
  • Dawid Gan: Static packages


  • Magne Djupvik
  • KroArtem
  • Everyone else who helped test STK!

Software used by SuperTuxKart


Anthony Waxman, Rémi Verschelde, Alessandro Vitali, Katherine Freeman Roy Akselsen, Ingrid Becke, Jonathan Lee, Christoph Baldauf Victor Gabillon, Yves Fourneau, Rubén Leal Coba, Andreas Müller Santiago Hoyos Zea, Tobias Wenig, Nuno Ferreira, Fran Casal Alexey Горохов, Luka Vievsky, Nathan Dykhuis, David , David Leschinsky Sam Tygier, Алексей Казаков, Matthew Golliher Karl Ove Hufthammer, Richard Stoltenberg, Niklas Anderson, Alfred Turner Adrian Spirgi, Frank Abrignani, Lukasz Korpalski, Andea De Angelis, Pedro Freitas Fleck, Lachand Valentin, Cyrille Giquello, FoosterNet, Olivier C. Pageau, ?Bérenger Ossete Gombe, Michael Schönitzer Daniel Martínez García, Joe Westcott, Patrik Nilsson, Will Hennegan Philip Whitfield, Markus Hedetoft, Walt Zwierzycki, Jake Jarrett Kyle Maggio, Richárd Ráthgéber, Gilles Wittezaele, Daniel Sandman Haldor Zaake-Hertling, Elvis Kandler, OPE Beckman Lapre Esteban Monge Marin, Marcos Schnalke, Maximilian Rüdiger, Glenn Geenen Michael Biller, Vincent Bermel, John Cordray, Jannik Heller, Vincent Stavleu, Jairo Estefania Vilumbrales, Michal Klaus, Josh Dye Carlos Solís Róger, James Vandermark, Wouter Reckman, Nuno Ferreira Crefelean Nicolae, Mark Saliers, Issa Gorissen, Tom Reynolds James Dearing, Collin Blatt, Vincent Bermel, Nuno Ferreira Jarl Frode Arntzen, Vladimir Tuboltsev, Attila Cseman Frank Lauterbach, Mahendra Tallur, Matthijs Harmsen, Dietmar Wolf Suwannee Massage, Fabio Molinari, Christian Ritzer Gerard Vaas, Edgar Klenske, Georgi Stoychev, Daniel Reimann, Tibor Grasser, Robert Forster, Kelonye Mitchel, Dennis Shewmaker, ProMission Projects, Inc., Ken McCall, Peter Estes, Markus Valkeapää Victor Gabillon, Franz Schmid, Austin Williamson, Artūras Norkus Roland Schoof, Borisenkov Alexey, Edvin Djupvik, Mikel Crespo, Trevor Robertson, Sergej Engbrecht, Dylan Mahoney, Joel Schaerer, Stephanie Theisz, Mokimoke, George Angelopoulos Kharlamov Ivan, Cedric Briand, Christoph Baldauf, Marco Caiazza, Volkov Alexandr, Evelyne Tenaerts, Thomas Salmhofer, Ralfe Gomes Ecard, Carlos Alonso Pena Osorio, Philip Delaney, Giorgio Cantoni, Gabriel Stedtler, Alexander Sauter, Robert Premuž, Antonín Pilát Sylvain St-Amand, Apostolos Apostolidis, E. Cole, David Ault Vinzenz Vietzke,Edgar Bennet, Ryan Lei, Sergey Spiridonov Michal Sladek, Peter Lebbing, Roland Schoof, Lars Peter Mathiassen Benjamin Gronke, Marc Coll, Peter Estes, John Yewell, Josh Dye Sebastian Rode, OpenGameArt.org, Tux_penguin, Magne Djupvik Markus Liukka, Phelippeau Rudy, Javier Pedros Cholvi, Michael Roessner, Ivan Wright, Carl Olsson, Sergey V. Spiridonov

Former Contributers (No longer active)

  • Vincent Lejeune (vlj) : 3D engine
  • Eduardo Hernandez Munoz (Coz) : Former Admin
  • Constantin Pelikan (conso) : Former Admin
  • Sam Clarke : Windows Installer
  • Hans "the farmer" Dzaack : Physics tuning
  • Maik Semder (Ikework) : Bug fixes
  • Xapantu : add-ons website
  • Lionel Fuentes (Funto) : Soccer mode and other contributions
  • Mohammad Al-Ghannam (Yasin) : Soccer mode
  • Johannesr1 : Bubble gum shield
  • Glenn De Jonghe (Unitraxx) : Grand Prix progress saving
  • MCMic : reverse mode
  • Yann Leprince (sciyann)
  • Xenux : Add-Ons filtering
  • jmimu
  • Paul Elms (scifly)
  • Robert Schuster

Linux Games Tome "Game of the Month" Contributers (No longer active)

  • Craig Keogh
  • Ingo Ruhnke
  • Jacob Persson
  • James Gregory
  • Pascal Giard
  • Matthias Braun
  • Oliver Jeeves
  • Paul Carley
  • Ricardo Cruz
  • Caleb Sawtell
  • Willian Padovani Germano
  • James Gregory

Original "TuxKart"