Tracks are racing circuit built in the stk universe. They are various, each track has it's own theme. We don't want 10 tracks in an industrial factory ;). Their theme will be inspired by current tracks, but it won't be a copy.

The objective is to take the player to an epic journey in the game universe :).

Current planned tracks are:

  • Gran Paradiso island
  • Harvest: A track during autumn harvesting
  • New year eve: A track at night during New Year celebration

Cocoa temple

Cocoa temple (codenamed chocolate) is the first official track that use the new style. The track is located in Val Verde, a fictional south American country.

It's in a remote rain forest with an ancient temple dedicated to Chocolate's god. The track has 3 sections. A fountain, a village and the temple.

The current official language of Val Verde is Spanish. The region was conquered by Spanish conquistadors in 1580

Gran Paradiso Island

Gran Paradiso Island is the second track that uses the new engine. It's a tropical island in the Caribbean region. There is an off road section on the beach and the Princess Sara Transcontinental Airport, an airport

Dizzy world

Dizzy world is a flying steampunk amusement park built around 1900. The whole structure is hanging under giant balloons. The park make an annual tour around main cities of supertuxkart's universe

The park has a mix of Art nouveau, belle époque, baroque and steampunk style. It's the beginning of electricity era and it was one of the first city to be lit by it.

It's very very very important to NOT MAKE a clone of Columbia the city in bioshock infinite. It's also important to be colorful and not dark. Steampunk is a very dark theme.

  • Sections
    • Apollo's tunnel: A tunnel of love
    • Luna trip: A launch with a giant cannon to the moon
    • Elysium's garden: A greenhouse with trees and flowers
    • Plaza del sol: The main square of the amusement park
    • Welcome center: Where the race begin