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Once the replay feature is created and sucessfully implemented, Time Trial highscore leaderboards should follow suit.

Setup should include:

- Top 10 records is standard for most games

- Info should include STK name, date, kart used, total time and lap splits

- Link to the replay when you doubleclick on the time

- Should reset each time a new STK version is released.

Online Time Trialing setup should be as follows:

- Only standard karts (in case someone does not have the addon kart installed)

- MINOR shortcuts allowed

- Limited number of laps to 2-4

- Only 4 saves allowed

- 1 zipper for each lap

Number of proposed laps for each standard track in STK:

Shifting Sands: 2

Amazonian Journey: 2

Canyon: 2

Scotland: 3

Old Mine: 3

Tux Tollway: 2

Oliver's Math Class: 4

Snow Tux Peak: 3

Northern Resort: 3

Star Track: 3

Around the Lighthouse: 3

Subsea: 2

The Island: 3 (4?)

Crescent Crossing: 3 (maybe 2, but there are so many minor shortcuts here)

XR591: 3

Zen Garden: 3

Fort Magma: 3

Hacienda: 3

Addon Tracks

Hardcore Fort Magma: 3

Another Fort Magma: 2

The Cube: 4 (Depends on the path you take)

On an Iceberg: 3 (2)?

Industry: 3

Classic Tollway: 3

Classic Subsea: 3

Classic Volcano: 3

Green Valley: 2

Hillside: 2

What a Mesh: 4

Old Island: 3

Mystery Island: 3

Page still in development; edit and check back often so we can see what we think!

Iridium 00:04, 3 November 2011 (UTC)