Here a list of the planned features for the next upcoming releases. Developers, add a feature to a milestone only if you plan on working on it yourselves, and remember to discuss it first on the mailing list.

Release 0.8 (subject to change)

  • Package manager
  • Improve physics
    • Update to latest bullet?
    • skidding : by setting friction = 0 and applying the torque, the feeling is quite good; so we just need to tweak and test this further
    • better bumping of karts into each other (push karts aside)
  • Different difficulties for challenges
  • Game replay (not sure, is partly added, but not finished - this might get in later)
    • Race against a ghost/pre-recorded race (depends on replay mode)
  • Online highscore lists - collect suggestions/comments on a separate page. This will need game replay, since the top 20 (or so) entries will have their replay saved, so that people can race against saved highscores and verify the correctness of an entry.
  • Graphical improvements (and other candy) : now that we have irrlicht let's push its use a bit :)
    • LOD & Billboards (helping push performance while allowing for greater visual quality)
    • Light effects
    • Particle effects (rain, particles when driving on earth/sand/grass, smoke over a fire, etc.)
    • Normal maps, light maps?
    • Objects that emit sounds when you get near them (e.g. space shuttle in city track could make a humming sound if you get close enough; there are better examples)
    • etc...
  • Story Mode?
  • Auto-update function?
  • Use reverse tracks as a unlockable feature?

Release 0.9 (subject to change)

  • Multiplayer network support for WAN environments
  • mini games (besides normal racing mode), e.g.:
    • pacman mode: karts must collect a certain number of coins (or something else on the road), while being chased by ghost karts

Release 1.0

  • Polish up :)