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(Finished Milestones)
(Finished Milestones)
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== Release 0.9.2 ==
== Release 0.9.2 ==
* TTF font rendering
* TTF font rendering [[Image:Done.png|20px]]
* Game replay
* Game replay [[Image:Done.png|20px]]
** Race against a ghost/pre-recorded race
** Race against a ghost/pre-recorded race
* AI for battle mode and soccer mode
* AI for battle mode and soccer mode [[Image:Done.png|20px]]
== Release 0.9.1 ==
* Scripting support [[Image:Done.png|20px]]
** Besides using scripting in tracks we would also like to replace some C++ code with scripts.
== Release 0.9 ==
== Release 0.9 ==

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Here a list of the planned features for the next upcoming releases. Developers, add a feature to a milestone only if you plan on working on it yourselves, and remember to discuss it first on irc or the mailing list.

Note that the list and the items are subject to change. They certainly depend on what contributions we get from new developers. For example, if we get a patch for a feature planned for a later milestones, we will certainly include it earlier.

Currently Planned Milestones

Release 0.9.3

Major points

  • Work on Multiplayer network support for WAN or LAN environments
    • This means getting all the background work done - creating race, joining races, ...
    • Actual races might(!) work, but not in very high quality, e.g. stuttering.

Minor points

Those are points we would like to get implemented, but we might not have enough developers to focus on that. So the points listed here would be ideal tasks for new developers (since otherwise they will most likely get postponed).

  • Online highscore lists for all your friends! It's too easy to hack STK and therefore cheat with highscores, but we might want to offer this among friends (assuming that it is your fault if you have friends who cheat)
  • Mini games (besides normal racing mode), e.g.:
    • Pacman mode: karts must collect a certain number of coins (or something else on the road), while being chased by ghost karts

Release 0.9.4

  • Multiplayer on WAN with smoothing
    • Using 'rollback and replay' should allow much more tolerance for latency.

Release 1.0

  • Polish up :)

Finished Milestones

Release 0.9.2

  • TTF font rendering Done.png
  • Game replay Done.png
    • Race against a ghost/pre-recorded race
  • AI for battle mode and soccer mode Done.png

Release 0.9.1

  • Scripting support Done.png
    • Besides using scripting in tracks we would also like to replace some C++ code with scripts.

Release 0.9

  • Merge the 3 GSoC branch (new graphical pipeline, network lobby and network core). Done.png
  • Significant graphical improvements. Done.png
    • Tracks need to be redesigned/improved, and it's unlikely that all tracks will be improved initially.
  • Vote for addons (http://stkaddons.net/). Done.png
    • This will actually be the basis for online multiplayer, since it will handle logging into a server etc.
    • Perhaps start adding some kind of 'friend' support - you could get a notification if a friend is online.
  • Achievements. Done.png
  • Different physics for different karts. Done.png

Release 0.7.3

  • Bug fix release Done.png
  • New items Done.png
  • Objects that emit sounds when you get near them (e.g. space shuttle in city track could make a humming sound if you get close enough; there are better examples) Done.png
  • Performance improvements Done.png using LOD

Release 0.8

  • Improve physics Done.png
    • Update to latest Bullet (physics engine) (there was another update, no need to apply this as well at this stage) Done.png
    • Skidding : by setting friction = 0 and applying the torque, the feeling is quite good; so we just need to tweak and test this further... Done.png - implementation is actually different, but: Done.png
    • Better bumping of karts into each other (push karts aside) Done.png
  • Use reverse tracks as a unlockable feature? Done.png
  • Career mode (replacing/evolved version of challanges) and/or different difficulties for challenges Done.png
  • Eye candy Done.png
    • Normal maps, light maps Done.png

Release 0.8.1

  • New game modes: Done.png
    • Soccer mode Done.png
    • Easter Egg hunt Done.png
  • Tutorial. Done.png
  • Wiimote support Done.png
  • Bug fixes Done.png