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A Track Editor for SuperTuxKart

This project is about creating a track editor. It is an average to diffcult project (depending on selected scope), but also probably the most creative and potentially most satisfying one. Editors can come in many different variations: they can be based on pieces (e.g. squares or rectangles) that you just place next to each other, to very powerful tools like the integrated editor of ModNation Racer (see for example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tyk3CC3vyyg). We certainly don't expect anything close to the latter ;)

Generally speaking, in order to keep the scope realistic, we are not aiming to produce a tool that can actually do 3D modelling. The tool would rather be geared towards less technical users, and let them assemble roads and place objects, so that they can have fun creating roads or even building their neighborhood. This project would not aim to replace blender for the making of high-quality, "core package" tracks

There are a few approaches to this project. A first way is to build tracks by letting the player assemble roads from a set of preset road segments, be it in 2D or in 3D . Then the player could add objects (trees, rocks, buildings, etc.) from a library of objects, and also add gift boxes, nitro bottles, etc.

A more ambitious project could feature mesh generation and let the player manipulate a road of an arbitrary shape and then generate a B3D file for that road.

The exporter will in all cases need to generate the XML files SuperTuxKart expects, including namely track.xml and scene.xml


This project suggestion requires a well thought out proposal, likely with some examples in form of drawings or mockups. Think of the steps necessary to go all the way from a track idea to the end - a track that can be loaded in SuperTuxKart. Perhaps try to make a simple track with blender to see what is involved - minimal 3D modelling knowledge would likely help you focus your proposal. If you base your idea on pre-designed pieces that are put together, then you need a good library manager to allow people to find the pieces they are looking for. If you allow a more flexible approach, describe the process from the beginning to the end.

Think about placing items on the track. What about zippers, jumps, bridges?

Think about 3D heights. Will the road be flat, or will you support uphill and downhill sections? If so, how will this be handled?

The editor also needs to create the information the AI is using for driving (which is basically the outline of the track, see drivelines for details).

Would this editor be inside STK, or a separate application? An integrated editor would be handier, however SuperTuxKart does not have a full-blown GUI engine so if you go for an integrated editor, expect to have to spend some more time improving on the GUI capabilities.

A standalone editor can have its own file format, as the ability to open either .blend files or the exported tracks is not expected.