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This page is a placeholder for future information.
This page is a placeholder for future information.
* [[Stkaddons/Registration|Registering on STKAddons]]
* [[Stkaddons:Registration|Registering on STKAddons]]
== Add-On Status Flags ==
== Add-On Status Flags ==

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The STK-Addons website is a repository for all user-created content for Super Tux Kart.

This page is a placeholder for future information.

Add-On Status Flags

Status Description
Approved A moderator has verified the add-on as having no unsafe or explicit content, and having an appropriate license.
Alpha The add-on revision is in its early developmental stages. It is incomplete and/or broken.
Beta The add-on revision is in its late developmental stage. It is mostly complete, but may have a few bugs or glitches.
Release Candidate The add-on revision is in the final testing phase before its final release. This is the stage where add-on developers should be sent reports of any outstanding issues.
Invisible Based on the website configuration, the addon will either not be included in the XML listing, or it will have the "invisible" flag set, and the game will not display it.
DFSG-Compliant As tuxfamily.org does not require DFSG-compliant licenses, add-ons which do not completely meet the requirements may be found on the add-ons server. Some distributors of SuperTuxKart may prefer to restrict the game to using DFSG-compliant content, so this flag would be useful to them.
Featured This add-on is verified to be of extremely high quality, and functions very well in actual gameplay (i.e. physics, fun-value, appearance, etc.)
Invalid Textures In order to preserve compatibility with some video cards, textures used in add-ons should always have dimensions that are a power of 2. However, if add-on developers choose not to abide by this, then their add-ons will have this flag, and may be unusable on some systems.