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== SuperTuxKart Privacy Policy ==
== SuperTuxKart Privacy Policy ==
This policy describes what data SuperTuxKart will collect, and how this data is used by the developers. Please also read our [http://terms.supertuxkart.net terms and conditions].
This policy describes what data SuperTuxKart will collect, and how this data is used by the developers. Please also read our [http://supertuxkart.net/Terms terms and conditions].

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SuperTuxKart Privacy Policy

This policy describes what data SuperTuxKart will collect, and how this data is used by the developers. Please also read our terms and conditions.


The SuperTuxKart Add-Ons website (hereafter noted as STKAddons) is a service provided to complement the SuperTuxKart racing game (STK). The information collected by this website is to be used solely to enrich the quality of the STK game.

Collected Information

Upon registering to use the STKAddons site, you are required to provide an e-mail address and you are asked to provide a name. We do not require that the name you provide accurately represents your real name. (i.e. you are permitted to use an alias or a nickname.) You may also choose to provide other kinds of information as noted below.

As you interact with the STKAddons service, a variety of data is collected. For example, while you are logged in you may submit content to be hosted by the STKAddons service. We require that all submissions clearly state the names of any individuals involved in creating the content to provide credit for their work. You would be expected to provide a personally identifiable name to claim credit for your work. Again, this is not required to be your real name.

In addition to this, while logged in you are able to rate the content of other users. When you do so, your vote towards the content's rating is associated with your user account. Votes are only displayed in an aggregated format.

When connecting to the STKAddons service from STK, we also collect some non- personally-idenifying information about what operating system you are using. As well, all connections to the STKAddons website are logged by our web server. This information contains your IP address or public hostname and browser user- agent. We do not actively monitor this information, and it is collected as a consequence of the web-server software that we (and most site operators) use.

When signing in to the STKAddons service from STK, we store information required to maintain a user session within the STK game, similar to a session cookie in a web browser. We also store the player's gained achievements and they may create a friends list.

If you grant permission in-game, we will also collect anonymous statistics related to your system configuration (screen resolution, gl_ext list, video card model), performance (average fps, both overall and per track), and asset usage (how many times you use each track and kart). You will be asked to enable this data collection when you launch the game for the first time. This will allow us to determine which assets to focus on improving, and how much we can increase the graphical demands of the game. (This is NOT implemented as of STK 0.8.1 but may exist in a future release.)

In more detail, depending on your choices, the following data is collected:

If you do not enable internet access
No information about you will be collected or used. Obviously you will also not be able to install addons, receive news messages, ...
If you enable internet access
You will be able to download addons anonymously, and will receive news which is shown in game. We collect anonymous information about which addon was downloaded to generate statistics about addons. While we do not store any information about you or your computer directly, our web server (as most other web servers) will log your IP address, and which pages you access.
If you allow us to collect hardware information
In this case your computer will send anonmymous configuration information to our server. This information includes hardware specs of your machine (e.g. available RAM, graphics card, os / distro), and graphics related driver information (driver, driver version, supported opengl features). This information is stored on our server, and available for anyone to browse at http://addons.supertuxkart.net:8080. It is used by us (and potentially by other developers) to evaluate which opengl features can be used without making a game unable to run for a majority of users.
If you use an STK online account
We will store the user id you have specified, your email address, an encrypted hash of your password. The email address will only be used to verify your account (and prevent that we get spammed with 100's of account creation requests), allow you to reset your password. We will only use this email to contact you in very important circumstances, for example if we suspect that our server was hacked and your (encrypted) password might have been exposed, or in case of an update of this privacy policy if appropriate. It will not be shared with any other project, nor will it be used for any non-emergency communication (like news, or advertising). We will also store in-game achievements, your list of friends, and votes for addons.
If you distribute addons using our addons manager
In this case your email will be used to contact you about any problems or general notifications related to your addons. Our web page has its own bug tracker for addons, and you will get notifications about any bugs reported for one of your addons.

Future Usages

We intend in the future to also collect information about how often each track and kart was used in game. This information will be anonymous, and will be used by us to decide which tracks and karts might be included, replaced, updated or removed in the future. We will not send out a specific notification to all users when we start collecting this information (in order to minimise emails send to you).

COPPA Compliance (United States)

In order to comply with United States law despite not operating in that jurisdiction, we do not knowingly collect the personal information of persons under the age of 13 from this region without parental consent. If we discover that a user is in fact a child from this region, their account will be suspended until parental consent is obtained, or if parental consent is not obtained in a timely manner, their account and all related information will be deleted.

Based on the small amount of information we collect, and the inability of our organization to provide a mailing address or toll-free telephone number in the United States, we only require an email with an accompanying digital signature from a parent/legal guardian to either grant or deny us permission to collect this personal information. This can be sent to supertuxkart.official@gmail.com.


The STKAddons service uses cookies to remember your login state, as well as to remember which language you wish to use the service in. At this time, we do not employ the use of cookie-based analytics services.

Use of Information

The operators of STKAddons will never disclose your personal notification to third parties except as noted below.

When you register for STKAddons, a profile page is created for you. This page is visible to all other registered users of the STKAddons service. This page displays the name you entered at registration time, the date you registered, your user rank, and links to any content you have submitted through the STKAddons service.

When you upload content to the STKAddons service, any information you place in the license file of the content becomes publicly visible from the website. Anything else you include in your uploaded file is also publicly available by other means. As well, the name you registered with is displayed on the page promoting the content you submitted, with a link to your profile page.

We do not make available any indication of what rating you have provided for the content uploaded to STKAddons. However, this information is used to generate an average rating as provided by all users of the service.

We do not display your e-mail address publicly anywhere on the STKAddons website, unless you provide it in some uploaded content package. The website moderators do not have direct access to your e-mail address, however this information is stored in plain-text in our database. You will never be contacted by e-mail through the STKAddons service except for the following: confirming that you are a real person when registering, resetting your password, and receiving feedback from moderators for any content you have submitted. We reserve the right to extend this list as the service evolves, and to notify you of changes to this policy. We will never disclose your e-mail address to third parties.

Contacting us

In case of any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us on the developer's email list: supertuxkart-devel at lists.sourceforge.net.

Updates of this policy

SuperTuxKart may update this Privacy Policy, so please review it periodically. If necessary we will use the email address associated to your account to inform you of the updates if appropriate, and also give you the opportunity to opt out. If you keep on using the SuperTuxKart servers after an update to this policy, it will constitute your acceptance of the new policy. Note that this wiki will keep a history of all versions of this policy, so you can review any changes anytime.

Last updated: March 7th, 2015