Making challenges

This page documents how challenge files are written, and how to ensure they are showing up in the game.

List of attributes

id Identification which STK knows the challenge by. This can be referenced for attribute depend-on.
name Short descriptive name for the challenge. Shows up over the main description.
description Full description of the challenge.
unlock-track Track which the challenge unlocks if solved. Currently a requirement to fill in.
depend-on Challenges which the challenge depends on in order to be shown. This attribute is not required.
major Major game mode type. For example, 'single' for single player mode.
minor Minor game mode type. For example, 'quickrace'.
track Track where challenge takes place.
difficulty Difficulty mode for race. For example, 'medium'.
karts Number of karts.
laps Number of laps.
energy Number of energy points to collect. This attribute is not required.
time Amount of time required to fulfill the challenge.