Making Tracks: Items

Though seemingly trivial and unimportant, adding items is an important step in making a fun track. Items add elements of randomness and rewards to players, and make each race different, even on the same track. Therefore, while not difficult to add, you should take some time when placing items. Here are some hints for placement to make things more fun:

  • Use nitros, especially large nitros to reward players who take an alternate route or try something unusual.
  • Use bananas sparingly, but use them to make straightaways less boring.
  • Place items in rows across the track in most places so that the player in last place is not always left without any items.
  • Use items to mark the way, where necessary.

Take inspiration from Northern Resort for item placement and choice.

Adding Items

To place items, simply create an "Empty" object where you want an item to be, then, in the SuperTuxKart Object Properties panel, make it one of the types listed in the "Items" section. You can also enable the "Drop to ground" option for all items except Easter eggs, which ensures that the item is able to be picked up from the track.