Making Tracks: Appendix D: Soccer and Battle Modes

Battle and soccer arenas are actually an extension of the track format and thus most of the instructions in this guide apply to arena creation. In fact, the process of making tracks and arenas diverge only at a few points, which this article aims to cover.


Naturally, an arena is not a road circuit like a track. Arenas are a large area that contains the players and provides the features needed for battle or soccer mode. The playground area of an arena therefore needs to be more interesting and interactive than in a track. Use ramps, obstacles, tunnels, and ridges to make an arena more dynamic and interesting. An arena like this is a bit dull:

Giving your arena lots of different paths will make it fun for battle mode, but avoid too many confusing paths for soccer arenas, as this will reduce the playability of your arena.

Navigation AI

To generate a minimap and allow for AI navigation, SuperTuxKart needs a navmesh for every arena. The navmesh is a plane above all the drivable areas, and must be made of quads. Wherever there is an obstacle, simply delete the face by selecting the face in Edit mode and hitting the Delete key, then selecting Only faces. Areas with solid faces will be considered drivable by the AI.

Now, select the navmesh object in Object mode, and set the type to Navmesh in the SuperTuxKart Object Properties panel.