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SuperTuxKart is a 3D open-source arcade racer with a variety characters, tracks, and modes to play. Discover more...

Windows | Mac | Linux

..:: SuperTuxKart 0.9.1 released ::..

After countless hours of bug fixing, tweaking and improvements we are proud to announce the release of SuperTuxKart 0.9.1.

We have also updated our donation package: the previously included track Carnaval Del Cacao is now released under CC-BY 3.0 and available from our addons server. The new package includes an updated version of Antediluvian Abyss and a new track Candela City, which we expect to be included in the 0.9.2 release. If you want to support SuperTuxKart, go to http://supertuxkart.sourceforge.net/donate.php. If you have previously donated US$5 or more, please contact us, and we will make the new package available to you for free.

Read the full article on our blog

We have a new Website

We just made public our new website. The old website was a bit outdated and not mobile friendly.

We commissioned Jean-Manuel Clémençon our lead artist to create a fresh design while retaining the feel and look of our beloved old one.

SuperTuxKart 0.9 released

It has been a rather long time since our last official release - nearly one and a half year. But we have not been idle during this, actually more the opposite. The 0.9 release contains some significant changes - especially (though not only) visual changes.