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This page lists all official fictional locations, companies, etc. They can be found in various tracks and arenas in SuperTuxKart
|content=Please don't add anything here if you aren't an official member of the core team. We don't want a complex story or a 10k page scenario.
Keep in mind: '''We aren't an RPG'''
To make things more interesting we need a fictional universe that is credible. Of course we aren't a RPG. It won't influence the gameplay, it's only for immersion. It's important to have common things among tracks and the overworld.
SuperTuxKart takes place in this fictional universe. The tracks and the overworld are in a planet similar to earth (except for XR591 which is located on Mars, STK Enterprise in the solar system, and Nolok's castle on the volcanic planet Venus). There is no real location in SuperTuxKart but track environments are inspired by real ones: example. Las Vegas will become Las Dunas, with the famous "Welcome to Las Dunas" neon sign. Of course things should be parodied to make something fun.
These names should be used in signs, advertising, etc.
It can be also used outside of SuperTuxKart, if you want to create your own '''open source''' game occurring in the same universe you can take inspiration here
*Tux: A penguin who is the mascot of linux. He is often the hero and he lives in Antarctica.
*Penny: Tux's girlfriend. Also a penguin.
*Nolok: A kind of Rhinoceros. He is often the bad guy. He lives in a castle surrounded by a volcano and lava.
*Gnu: The wise genie. He is usually meditating in a remote monastery in the Far East
*Sara: A human. She is a kind of empress for the overworld. She is the mascot of Open game art. She lives in a wooden Nordic palace in taiga.
*Xue: A harvest mouse. She is the XFCE mascot. She lives in the great plains in North America and her family members are farmers.
A Location != a Tracks (isn't equal to). A track is a racing circuit that takes place in one or more fictional location.
For instance the track Hacienda will take place in the desert Alma Perdida, inspired by the real Nevada desert. In Alma perdida you have a Hacienda named St Margarita and a city, Las Dunas. Minigolf takes place in Las Dunas.
*A remote location in the USA in a forest: Jerico Natural Park
*A small village in the tundra of Russia: Tushka
*The biggest mountain chain in the game: Alpalaya
*A small mountain village in Alpalaya: Berglidorf
*One of the biggest oceans, The Atlantropic ocean
*An oil rig in northern Atlantropic ocean: Danton's Basin
*A location in the coast of Maine: New Whitburn
*A city similar to Las Vegas with casinos, hotels etc: Las Dunas
*A ranch in the great plains in the USA and/or Canada: Bovine Barnyard
*A location in the Mexican/Nevada desert: Alma Perdida, Hacienda, St. Margarita Village, Las Paredes
*A better name for the overworld should be found
*The wooden palace of Sara (the princess). Probably located in green valley
*A country in South America: Val Verde
*A metropolis in Southwest Asia: Malao
*An amusement park above the clouds: Dizzy world amusement & recreation park
*An international airport in the Gran Paradiso Islands: Princess Sara Transcontinental Airport
In the STK universe there is a lot of corporations, organizations, etc. They will be used for fake advertising posters or just their names in their products.
{| class="wikitable"
! colspan="3" |Technology
|Wegacom Corporation
|A computer and smartphone manufacturer
|<gallery mode="packed" widths=320px>File:Supertuxkart-0.9-screenshot-3.jpg</gallery>
|A high tech smartphone/tablet/notebook manufacturer
|A telecommunication & networking company
! colspan="3" |Transport
|Canyon Junction Railway Corporation
|Railroad freight company
|TCP (Trans Continental Post)
|global courier delivery services company
|OCA (Oceanic Airlines)
|A low cost airline carrier
|RCA (Royal Cupcake Airways)
|The flagship airline of the Mascot Kingdom
|Harvey & Weylyn
|A shipyard
|Sara Space Agency Organization
|The Kingdom space program
! colspan="3" |Food and drink
|Sunshine Cola
|Soda and sweet juices
|Big Farmer Co
|A farming Co-Operative
! colspan="3" |Conglomerate
|A multinational who is the official fuel distributor for kart racing
|Oil and Energies
|Nolok Industries
|The company of the bad guy (Nolok)
|A conglomerate which produces every product imaginable
! colspan="3" |Entertainment
|A TV station located in Las Dunas
|Dizzy world
|An entertainment corporation
|Fashion and clothes
|Haute Couture
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