Known Driver Bugs


  • Some shader with loops with a long body like GI makes the shader compiler crash.

Workaround : Manually unroll the loop.

  • Array of constants seem to be slower than normal when dynamic addressed.

Workaround : Use uniform arrays.


  • Samplers object seems not to be properly unbound when dealing with depth test and array texture like for shadowedsunlight shader.

Workaround : Use a dedicated texture unit for such samplers

  • Bindless srgb textures are sampled like rgb textures

Workaround : Use #ifdefs and pow(., 2.2) to manually do the conversion


  • DoF shaders make the compiler go into an infinite loop

Workaround : Do not activate dof


  • On Sandy Bridge UBO are not properly updated

Workaround : Do not use UBO

  • srgb Texture compression is broken.

Workaround : Do not use texture compression.