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On Mac OS X:
On Mac OS X:
* (somebody who knows this, fill it in)
* ~/Application Support/SuperTuxKart/addons
Also see [[How_to_install_add-ons]]

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SuperTuxKart is able to install or uninstall add-ons on its own. This page includes details about that process, and instructions on how to install or remove add-ons either in-game or manually.

Installing Add-Ons In-Game

Fixme: stub

Installing Add-Ons Manually

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The Add-On Storage Folder

Depending on what system you are using, add-ons are installed to one of the following paths:

On Windows:

  •  %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\supertuxkart\addons\

On Linux:

  • ~/.local/supertuxkart/addons/
  • /usr/share/games/supertuxkart/data/tracks (for older STK versions)

On Mac OS X:

  • ~/Application Support/SuperTuxKart/addons

Also see How_to_install_add-ons

Within this folder, the following files and subdirectories exist:

  • icons/, karts/, tmp/, tracks/, addons.xml, addons_installed.xml, news.xml

As you would expect, the karts and tracks folders contain the add-on kart and track directories, respectively.