Donation Policy

Donation Policy

This page documents our policy concerning donations and what we do with money received. These policies might change at any time depending on the requirements and the priorities of the project. However, you may rest assured that the team will not spend money on inconsequential things. All spending decisions are fully discussed among the members of the team ahead of time in order to avoid disagreements.

Regular spending

In priority we use the money to pay the regular expense inherent to the project.

  • Hosting the main Website
  • Hosting the addons website
  • The future network infrastructure
  • Domain Name fees


Depending on the need of our developers and artists, we also spend money to acquire specific hardware for the development of SuperTuxKart.

  • Laptops
  • New GPU
  • Exotic hardware (to improve the compatibility)
  • Etc

Special tasks and improvements

Depending on the situation we can also use the money to pay someone to do a specific task, like implementing something or creating a new map. This is done on a case per case basis.

Marketing and promotion

During some events (like gaming conventions, open source conferences) to pay for material like printing posters, food for the devs who attend the event, etc.