Before you contact the team, report a bug, post on the forums, etc. you should read through this page. Following the guidelines and instructions on this page will make the community and project run more efficiently and happily. Though this article may sound a bit harsh, please don't be afraid to post. The team is generally quite patient, unless you're a repeat offender. ;)

Please keep in mind...

It's important to keep a few things in mind whenever contacting the team. First and foremost, the developers are not paid. The developers do this because they enjoy it, not because you paid them. They're not paid to please you. Here is an example of what not to do.

Also, keep in mind that the developers only work on their free time. They might not have a chance to answer right away. Be patient—they'll respond eventually. And if they don't, politely bump your post. This also means that you shouldn't make trivial requests that are of no importance, nor extremely demanding requests. Again, here is an example of what not to do.


When reporting a bug or crash in the game

  • First, check if it's already reported on GitHub.
  • If the bug is open, see if you can report any more information to the team. Otherwise you probably have to wait for the next release for the fix to be included in the game.