Artist Debug Mode

Starting from SuperTuxKart 0.7.1, all STK builds contain a hidden track debugging mode packed with features to make it easier for artists to make tracks.

Enabling the debug mode

When STK is closed, open the STK config file (on OSX, it's [HOME]/Library/Application Support/SuperTuxKart ; on Linux it's usually ~/.config/supertuxkart)

locate the line that reads

    <!-- Whether to enable track debugging features -->
    <artist_debug_mode value="false" />

and change it to

    <!-- Whether to enable track debugging features -->
    <artist_debug_mode value="true" />

The new features you get

Note : many of the tools below use keyboard bindings; of course you will need to make sure your keyboard configuration does not assign these keys to something else if you wish to be able to use them

Add-ons at will

Nitro and zippers are especially helpful in order to quickly get to an area far from the start

  • F1 : bubblegums
  • F2 : plungers
  • F3 : cakes
  • F4 : switches
  • F5 : bowling balls
  • F6 : parachutes
  • F7 : zippers
  • F8 : nitro

Hide karts and race GUI

This is especially useful when you need to take the screenshot of your track, to get all annoyances out of the way

  • Ctrl+F8

View faces and normals

You can cycle through several debug draw modes, namely to see polygons and normals, by pressing F11


STK has a secret ability : karts may be instantly turned into flying devices. This is quite useful to take a closer look at meshes that aren't too visible from the road, or to skip large portions of a track to go straight to the area you're interested in.

  • I : fly up (press repeatedly if needed)
  • K : fly down (press repeatedly if needed)