Antarctica: Overview

Supertuxkart 0.8.2 and higher feature a custom engine called Antarctica. The main feature of Antarctica is a new renderer which currently supports OpenGL 3.1.

The engine is based on a heavily modified version of irrlicht. If you want more technical information about the engine you should read this.


Dynamic Lighting

All lights are dynamic. Artists can place an arbitrary number of them. There is no "hard limit" however for performance the engine use only the 8, 16 or 32 closest lights to the player + the sun.

All lights can be animated if needed.

Exponential Shadow Maps

The sun cast automatically real time shadows to add more realism to the scene. You don't need precomputed lightmaps anymore.

Realtime ambient occlusion

Before / after

Ambient occlusion is a shading technique to add darkness where objects and surface are close together, like cracks or corners.

Depth of field and Bokeh

When objects and lights are out of focus they are slightly blurred. Light sources appear as little dots like in real camera when a strong light source is out of focus. More information about bokeh.

Bloom & lens flare

Each strong light source will bloom and produce anamorphic lens flare.

Global illumination & Image based lighting


The surrounding environment will affect itself. Global illumination will simulate light bouncing on surfaces and the sky texture is used to make the ambient light.

New solid material

Solid objects have a new generic material that support Normal mapping, Specular map, Emit map and much more. You can easily make a glossy surface or a metallic object.

Volumetric Real time lights

If fog is enabled in the scene, it is lit by light sources. It allows you to give more depth to your scene.

WARNING: Currently (SuperTuxKart 0.9.2) only point lights are supported. Cones still use the old billboard trick. However it's planned to support them later.