Add-on status flags

This is a list of all the possible status flag bits. (No guarantee for correctness)

Code Status Description
1 Approved A moderator has verified the add-on as having no unsafe or explicit content, and having an appropriate license.
2 Alpha The add-on revision is in its early developmental stages. It is incomplete and/or broken.
4 Beta The add-on revision is in its late developmental stage. It is mostly complete, but may have a few bugs or glitches.
8 Release Candidate The add-on revision is in the final testing phase before its final release. This is the stage where add-on developers should be sent reports of any outstanding issues.
16 Invisible The add-on will not be available to the game, to download.
32 Reserved Flag reserved for future use
64 DFSG-Compliant As does not require DFSG-compliant licenses, add-ons which do not completely meet the requirements may be found on the add-ons server. Some distributors of SuperTuxKart may prefer to restrict the game to using DFSG-compliant content, so this flag would be useful to them.
128 Featured This add-on was suggested by the reviewer
256 Latest Revision This is the latest available version of the add-on
512 Invalid Textures In order to preserve compatibility with some video cards, textures used in add-ons should always have dimensions that are a power of 2. However, if add-on developers choose not to abide by this, then their add-ons will have this flag, and may be unusable on some systems.