Hello. No, you're not going to get any identifying information about me here, thank you very much...

I discovered SuperTuxKart via the Linux Mint software manager. That was on Mint 17.1, with SuperTuxKart 0.8.1. (Ironically, I might never have found STK if AMD's Catalyst driver hadn't temporarily taken out my Debian installation, forcing me to install Mint.) STK 0.8.1 was fun enough until I tried 0.9 which had only just been released at that point.

I joined the forums when faulty graphics drivers on Windows 10 started making STK crash. That's still not resolved, but it's gotten better.

I decided to pick up track making when I realized that I couldn't get my favorite add-on track from STK 0.8.1 in 0.9. What a mess the documentation was! Well, I managed to get the track ported in spite of that, and you can actually download it here. Still not as good as the original though, at least as far as lighting goes.

I have an idea for a track of my own, however I put it on hold when I realized that I might be of help improving the artists' documentation. I'm not much of an artist anyway, but I'm good at writing, if I do say so myself.

I know some basic C/C++ and hope to learn more soon so I can contribute code to SuperTuxKart.