Talk:New particle engine

This is a list of what might be interesting to have in the particle system

  • GPU particles: Currently the particles are computed on the CPU. It might be interesting to compute them on GPU. This is already the case for the rain
  • Directional particle: In explosion, falling objects, etc the particles shouldn't be a billboard (a face that always face the camera). Here is an example
  • Soft particle: Currently when a particle intersect the geometry it looks very odd and cheap. (note this is already done for the rain)
  • True spherical billboard: (Note this should be done for billboard too)

  • Axis constrained billboard [1] (for trees, billboard
  • Using a texture that has several particle inside and pick them randomly (used to avoid too repetitive pattern)

  • Support animated texture (something similar to that)

  • Pick a random rotation with UV (again to break the repetitive pattern of all particle being the same)
  • Rotation with UV (animated during the time) to rotate the texture during the flight)
  • 3D rotation (the sprite fully rotate during the flight (for snow, or leafs falling). This is currently done for the snow but it's by cheating with UV mapping and it looks odd
  • Volumetric effects (like clouds, nebula etc, It's basically a geometry that define bound and inside you have several billboard. Note this can be done in blender during the export