Legacy:Kart resources index

This page is the index of resources about making karts for STK.

Get the tools

See article Installing Tools to get the proper blender setup

It's also a good idea to enable Artist Debug Mode

Guidelines & tutorials

Blender resources and tutorials


To configure materials, see Materials

Kart export checklist

Here is a short checklist that sum-up every important point viewed in the Legacy:Kart Creation Tutorial.

  • The kart's total triangle count is not above 3000 (approximately). Under 2000 would be better.
  • Make sure mesh modifiers (mirror, subdivide, ...) are applied to the mesh objects.
  • Make sure your objects are oriented correctly : when you hit Numpad 1 on blender, you should see the back of the kart.
  • The kart should be located just above Y axis, as if it was the road (and to be clean centered on the Y and X axes).
  • The dimensions of the kart are approximately between 0.7 and 1 (ingame tests are required to determine the final size).
  • The rotation & scale of your objects must be reset.
  • Texture files' dimensions are power of two (eg. 128x256, 512x512), and not too big (512x512 is usually fine).
  • The armature bones have a 0 roll.
  • Armature are parent of the mesh they animate (beware if you also use the "Armature" modifier, transformations may be applied twice to your mesh).
  • Select the Wheel type for each wheel in the object properties panel
  • You have an icon, ideally at least in 64x64 resolution.
  • You have a shadow file.